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Website redesign, DEX beta and other updates

We have redesigned the BlackBox website to make it more streamlined for future expansion and to hold more information about the project.

It’s still a work in progress and the team will be continuously updating and tweaking it to increase traffic and its functionality.

Check out the new website at


A brief wrap-up of the progress on DEX and others

Our dev team has been very busy at work this past week, and we’re proud to have such a dedicated and motivated team all working exceptionally hard to bring our vision into reality.

Here are where things are at the present moment:


We’re working with an external design team to produce a slick and stylish theme for our DEX, while staying in line with our original monochromatic style. We’re hoping to role out the improved look along with the DEX release.

Smart Contracts

The codebase structure has been formed and the necessary…

Since our launch earlier this week, we have been re-evaluating our initial vision for BlackBox and believe we have come up with something truly unique.

We wanted to expand on the idea of an automated lottery mechanism baked into our $BBOX token. We recognize that what made BlackBox unique in the first place is it’s ability to automate a lottery system based solely on trading activity, but we want to take it even a step further.

The original vision for BlackBox was simply to leverage an RFI-type token to provide a perpetual lottery for traders. The transaction fee model of…

A post token sale post-mortem

BlackBox Finance perpetual trading lottery launched a yesterday, twice!

Firstly, we’d like to thank our amazing community and contributors, as well as a couple of passionate groups that promoted our token sale. We would be nowhere without them.

After conducting a successful token sale, a total of 416 BNB were raised for the BlackBox Finance project. Further details:

  • 416 BNB raised
  • 208K tokens distributed
  • 379K BBOX burned
  • 160 BNB & 83K BBOX liquidity added to PancakSwap
  • Liquidity, 100K Team & 200K Marketing tokens locked with Wealth Locks

What happened yesterday?

  • after the BBOX was launched and trading had commenced, bots also started to…

BlackBox Finance is a decentralized platform built on the Binance Smart Chain that combines frictionless yield generation with a trading lottery system to allow users to earn instant rewards as well as win a $BBOX jackpot lottery.

$BBOX is a BEP-20 token that fuels the BlackBox platform, serving as the main tool for users to earn passive yield rewards, participate in the lottery system, and interact with future BlackBox features like an NFT wallet, pure crypto-based games like roulette, blackjack, craps, etc.

You can learn more about how BlackBox finance works here.

The $BBOX token sale

$BBOX for sale = 500,000

$BBOX price =…

Some burning questions

What the hell is a perpetual trading lottery?

It’s an endless lottery that’s based entirely on the trading activity of its participants, accumulating and eventually triggered to release by a specific event dependent on all DEX trades since the last jackpot. BlackBox is a lottery made for traders.

How do I enter to play?

Just buy! Wallets with ‘buy’ transactions since the last jackpot are automatically entered into the lottery pool, and every transaction stacks up to increase your odds of winning. You can enter as many times as you can buy, independent of the amount.

How is the jackpot funded?

There is a 5% transaction fee applied to every transaction, of which 4% automatically accumulates in the BBOX…

BlackBox is a decentralized, perpetual, trading lottery being launched on the Binance Smart Chain.

BlackBox v0.2 will launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for obvious reasons (GAS!!), which makes it viable for traders to play the game without incurring massive gas costs. Future releases are planned on the ETH network, and possibly others.

What is BlackBox?

BlackBox is a fork of the World Token codebase, which itself is a variant of the RFI instant rewards system, with changes and additions made to the core ‘reflect’ mechanisms.

The game is designed to instantly reward $BBOX holders with 1% from the 5% fee associated…

BlackBox Finance

BlackBox is a decentralized, perpetual lottery game initially deployed on Binance Smart Chain

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